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Location:New York, United States of America
95% of all my activity in fandom is my pinboard.

*WARNING* My delicious pinboard links tend to have story spoilers in the links. Because they're mine, and that's how I remember the story. Plus, I was always one of those people who read the last couple pages first. Read at your own risk.

*WARNING* For the most part, I haven't actually seen/read the canon. This means I don't pay attention to spoilers for the canon. Please pay attention to the headings the author provides because I'm pretty much never going to have a tagging system for canon episodes and spoilers.

*WARNING ADDENDUM* I didn't actually have a dub or non-con tag for my delicious bookmarks until approximately the last warnings go-round (2 years?). My personal clue meter for these things tends to be set for BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA TO THE HEAD, cuz that's my privilege. I just, really don't notice these things very much. Please consider all of my links unwarned and potentially triggering at this time. Though I think I've got all the ones with character death marked. I am going back through and trying to mark out the most common triggers, but it's going reeeeeeeeeeally slowly because I have, um, 4,0007,000 bookmarks? The ones within the last two years should be safer. So please make sure to read the headers that the actual author has provided.


C:example. C stands for computer.

$ is for money, or something that can be purchased.

D:example. D is for description.

E:example. E is for entertainment.

F:example. F for fandom.

G:example. G for green.

H:example. H for health.

J:example. J for job.

Kink…if I have to explain what kink means, you are browsing the WRONG SET OF BOOKMARKS.

P:example. P is for person.

S:example. S is for science.

~ for issues. How is this different from D? Good question. Mostly, D is for a generic mood or source of type description. ~ is for topic.

*There are very few fandoms that I’ve actually seen/read canon for. Yes, I realize this kind of messes with that whole “in fandom because by definition I care more about N then default* and, to be fair, that’s how I started getting into fanworks…but mostly I get sucked into a new one because some aspect of some shiny story plugged directly into my id and so I had to read it or someone who’s tastes run similar to mine made a great plug for it and boom! New fandom.

*I don’t have a preslash tag and I’m basically never making one (mostly because I don’t especially want to go back through 7,000 some bookmarks and redraw lines) so in such cases that two or three or whatever character’s feelings for each other could be romantic love I typically either don’t designate it slash/gen/het and put a pairing tag or put both a slash/het and gen tag.

*Typically a storyline has to have three separate parts before I’ll give it a series tag. If it just has a sequel, I’ll indicate the name in the notes box.

*Fandom:Misc. for fandoms I don’t think I’ll read very much in and don’t really want to make a new tag for.

*I have some markers in front of sets of tags in an attempt to replicate tag bundles.

1. Character, I’ll typically put a character tag on a story if that character either has a speaking role or who’s presence permeates the story, even if they never show up. I later realized how very hard it was to find a story ABOUT a particular character is I did this…but then it was already too late. I’m a pretty hard-core shipper, so the story is generally going to be about a tagged pairing anyway. A quick glance at my tag cloud will give you a good general sense for whom a story will most likely be about. If you hit SD:Character_Study, you’re slightly more likely to get a genish story about a specific character. But really, my bookmarks aren’t really the place to find great stuff like that, sorry.

2. Pairing, well that’s self explanatory. Though sometimes I don’t feel like making a pairing tag? So I’ll just slap a het or slash on it and list the characters. Tends to either be secondary characters or a random crossover pairing. I’m pretty consistent with making pairing tags for any pairing that is in bookmarks more than three times.

3. SD stands for Story Description. General tropes or genre notes go here. Additionally, in some fandoms I was using location as a proxy for approx where in canon it was taking place (Smallville/Metropolis, Earth, Canada/Chicago, Hogworts), though this is an imprecise measure at best.

-SD:Copy just means to go back and save to disk.

-SD:Crossover if characters from both fandoms are conceivably in the world, even if not present in the fic. SD:Fusion for when one set of characters replaces another in a different fandom.

-SD:Student/Teacher was a belated proxy for underage/potential power issues. But I didn’t start that until I was mostly out of HP and Snarry. So consider most of my bookmarks unwarned for that particular issue.

-SD:Mirror_Universe is for any story with that premise, even if that fandom doesn’t canonically have one.

-SD:Luke_I__Am_Your_Father, unexpected family relations.

-SD:Superpowers mostly=telepathy. And some other stuff. I have a tendency to use it canonical telepathy if it plays a major role in the story.

-SD:Secret_Revealed…generally a Merlin or Smallville fandom tag (if you’re in those fandoms you know why) but sometimes other random things get revealed.

-SD:Yay!Poly vs. Kink:Threesome. The Yay!Poly tag is suppose to be for stories that are about relationships and the Kink tag for sex featuring three people. There’s a fair degree of overlap and I don’t remember how well I did at those divisions.

4. Mood: there are a great number of stories that don’t get a mood tag because I didn’t really feel one way or another very strongly. They’re just a general indicator of how the story made ME feel.

-I tend to use Mood:Angst sparingly, even if other fans are tagging that bookmark with it. I don’t consider myself a fan of epic dark angst wallows, but many times I just don’t see it.

-I used to use Mood:PWP to indicate graphic sex, but that didn’t work so well for me so now I use SD:Sex and the Mood:PWP tag is mostly for one shots that didn’t feel like they were also doing other work (exploring character or whatever) to me (highly subjective, obsly). Most of the earlier bookmarks (say, the first 4,000 or so) aren’t tagged systematically for graphic sex and probably never will be. Sorry.

-Mood:Silly. Kinda a crack tag proxy and kinda a “this story is super silly and kinda bad but I still like to occasionally read it”. In a fandom where people get turned into blue bugs or have canon sex swap it’s really hard to draw the crack line. Plus, some authors are really good at writing crack so it’s not really crack. Most of that is justification for why I don’t have a crack tag. Stories tagged with silly will be very…variable in quality.

-Mood:Sweet mostly = fluff. Mood:Cuddle_Fic mostly = fluff, except also featuring body contact.

-Mood:Tense and Mood:Dangerous…does what it sez on the label? Hard to define moods for hard to define stories.

-Mood:Hopeful, the happy ending hasn’t quiet been worked out, but there’s a roadmap at least.

I do warn for character death, but I don’t typically warn for canonical character death unless it’s a major part of the story.

IF AT ANY TIME you feel the way I’ve tagged something is offensive, (like the way I had all poly relationships kink:threesome, in retrospect that’s somewhat degrading. I mean, I don’t have a kink:couple tag right? I’m still not sure that I’ve got it to a good place.) please feel free to PM me on DW or LJ. I probably didn’t mean to be a jackass, but it hurts either way if I’ve stepped on your foot.

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